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Satisfaction surveys.
Market studies.
Preference studies.
Consumer habits.
Buying motives.
National and international level.


Customer Experience.
Staff recruitment.
Work climate surveys.
Mystery Guest Service.


Private Research specialised in the hotel sector.
Simulated client.
Security audits.


We audit and install CCTV cameras in the most suitable places to preserve your security.


Private Detectives.
Private and corporate sector.


Recruitment, negotiations, transactions, consultancy and litigation.


Reaching fair agreements for all parties – this is the task of a mediator.
A door to dialogue.
Specialists in the hotel sector.

For a greater level and quality of information

At GrupoGes our aim is to use information as a tool to streamline the leadership and management of your company. To do so we work with professionals specialised in different areas: psychology, human, etc. We use our own proven methods and provide you with the value of immediacy; our experience in collecting, analysing and evaluating data and our know-how, which is forged with the exchange of information and experience between branches.

“We maximise the resources of all of our branches to offer customers useful and accurate information”
Carlos Valencia
President of GrupoGes



Everything that you need to know and we know how to ask

GesHotels is a branch of GrupoGes specialised in performing hotel audits. Our main values are experience, methodology, accuracy and agility. Our activity is based on our belief that objective information is of great value to companies in the hotel industry, in a highly competitive environment with an increasing level of customer requirements.

Our method enables us to respond to the needs of customers during their stay, ahead of undesired comments on social networks
“Finding out the level of satisfaction of customers during their stay enables us to improve their experience and gain their loyalty”

Carmen Tudela
Director-general for GesHotels

Present in over





hotel audits annually

More than


professionals at your service

Present in



We help you to ensure the best experience for your customers


All clients aspire to enjoy highly positive experiences, regardless of the reason for their trip. The hotel establishment is the ideal place to channel these expectations. Therefore, at GesHotels, we help you to ensure that your clients enjoy the best possible experiences. We collect information and promptly process it in order to provide you with the conclusions that will enable you to meet the expectations of your guests, even before they have left the establishment. Without a doubt, it is the best way to gain their all-important loyalty.


Our own efficient method


Our method has been proven to be extremely efficient for more than 20 years and it provides our customers with excellent results. Surveys are carried out individually and our participation rate reaches 90 %, obtaining essential information from each of the establishment’s areas and services. Question selection and formulation, the real-time evaluation of the information obtained, assessment and the report to our clients are all key aspects in the process.


Personalised surveys

90% participation

We cater

for all

Las nationalities

Report in

12 hours

45 % loyalty rate

For regulations to be effective, they must be followed up

Success in staff selection

We have designed a selection and evaluation system which adapts to all of your needs, providing you with “made-to-measure” candidates.

Labour climate


“Your staff are the backbone of your company.
Getting to know them, training them and motivating them is the key to success”

Belén Jiménez
Degree in Psychology

Labour Climate Study


Based on opinion polls by your staff, you will be able to learn about the worries of the professionals. We cover issues concerning the identification and satisfaction of your employees, offering an objective vision of the company as a whole.


Mystery Shopping


We carry out direct and indirect audits in your establishments, in the form of a mystery customer, or based on a direct check list, so that you can verify compliance with the rules and procedures established by your company.

Only professionals that feel they are well looked after in their company will be able to look after their customers

Being informed allows you to plan ahead and make better decisions

In response to the increase of Occupational Safety controls in hotel establishments, we have incorporated internal audits conducted by qualified staff to our line of services.

These audits will help identify shortcomings in advance in the following areas:



We make sure that the establishment complies with current state and regional regulations, as well as the specific regulations in place for travel operators.



Control and listing potentially hazardous areas of swimming pools, as well as safety requirements stipulated by law.



Based on building regulations, we make sure that the hotel is hazard-free for guests, and that minimum requirements are met.


Mystery customer,
objective information

The best way to audit the quality and adequacy of a hotel’s services is, without a doubt, by posing as a customer. At GesInvest we have developed a precise and efficient procedure to assess your establishment, using private detectives supported by advanced technology.

Being aware of the network of human relations in a hotel establishment in good time enables you to anticipate difficult-to-resolve conflicts

Safety Audits International

We are experts and front-runners in organising control and safety systems in hotel complexes in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica and other destinations, creating action protocols, restructuring and training existing staff on the subject, defining functions and supervising procedures and budgets.

If there is no evidence

then it does not exist

Specialised detectives

in the hotel sector

since 1992


Your peace of mind,
our most valued asset

When we are victims of a theft or burglary, we always regret that we did not take proper care of our security. It is a decision that is often made too late and it is a situation that few can foresee.
At Ges Security, we know all of the mechanisms and systems that can ensure the security of your family and business. It is a safe bet that must arrive in time.

The latest in security systems

We at GesSecurity have the latest
technology with which to keep you safe.

* CCTV with remote connection and integration in the same software to centralise management in the main offices of clients and to control sensitive areas in hotels.

* Alarms with cloud services and free SMS notifications, authorised to connect to Alarm
Monitoring Centres.

* Access control by means of cards, biometric readers or numerical codes. This controls who
has access to sensitive areas, as well as when and where.

By your side whenever you need us

The service of Ges Security doesn’t end once its devices have been installed. We will be by your side for any service that you may require.

* Remote viewing through cameras in sensitive place to control the area.

* Maintenance and updating of camera, access control and alarm systems

* Assessments of camera, alarm and access control systems.


What do you need to know?


GesInforma’s activity is focused on private investigation in any field. It is based on obtaining information in a professional manner, in order to draw up reports by specialists to support court proceedings. At GesInforma, we take care of collecting information and evidence about private conduct or events affecting the economic, labour, commercial, personal, family or social areas.

Our professional ethic, experience and knowledge of applicable law represent added value.

Support tool

for the objective


and agile

management of information



in court

The private detective,
a privileged witness

The Supreme Court defines the private detective as a privileged witness throughout the court proceedings. Not surprisingly, Civil Procedure Law attaches great importance to the evidence and reports issued by detectives, which can be ratified before the corresponding body.


How to grow by working hand in hand with the law

Globalisation of the economy and the need for companies to continually progress in their development processes mean that it is important to get a foothold in international law. Therefore, GesDret has offices in Brazil, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Tunisia, offering customers guidance regarding recruitment, negotiations, transactions and consulting and litigation, amongst other legal services.

We have a team of renowned professionals who will work with you to make sure the law is on your side during your business expansion
“Legal security is essential for the national and international expansion of any company”

Miriam Tort

National and international


Legal advice on all levels


At GesDret we have a special connection to companies from the tourist sector, resulting from our desire to offer comprehensive knowledge in areas relevant to consolidation and growth. Investigation has enabled us to specialise in file tracking for insurance companies and in legal representation in any proceedings.


From redaction to representation and interpreting regulations


Our wide range of legal services enables us to offer you guidance regarding recruitment, negotiations, transactions and consulting and litigation. We draw up legal documents and we address the complexity of regulations and procedures with you. The different aspects of international investments are part of our technical work.

Offices in


Africa and America


For the benefit of all

Mediation gives us the opportunity to resolve conflicts in a humane, rapid and cost-effective manner. It is a method based on putting the parties first, and finding the way to maintain or re-establish communication. The aim is to reach realistic and lasting agreements, avoiding the personal and material damage involved in any legal proceedings. The key to success is based on the mediator’s training and experience, as well as applying a proven method.

The mediator’s task is to reach reasonable agreements for all parties concerned
“Understanding the key to being assertive and combining legal knowledge with psychology enables us to pave the way to an agreement”

Nieves Torrens, María Teresa Sáez, Josefina María Belmonte y Miriam Tort

Managers at GesMediación

A door

to dialogue

Lasting agreements

Mediators, professionals in dialogue


Our team of mediators is formed by law graduates, specialised in civil and commercial mediation, with wide experience in conflict resolution. These professionals are impartial and neutral, seeking creative options in order to reach a consensus and formalise an agreement.

A strategy for each field


Depending on the field in which the conflict or rift occurs, a specific strategy is required. At GesMediación we have the experience required to establish guidelines in order to reach a consensus in similar situations: couple breakups, family relationships, inheritances, leases, neighbours and communities, problems in companies and complex organisations such as hospitals and educational and healthcare centres.



Martí Costa, nº 2 – 1ª planta. 07013 Palma de Mallorca. Teléfono 971 220 081

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